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Face Mask

70 lei

Magnolia Masks are crafted by hand and were designed primarily for protection. They have a filter pocket hole in the middle.

Safety is a priority but looking chic while staying safe helps us with our mental health too.
Choosing a designer protection mask might do this mandatory action easier to live with.
By purchasing a mask you support us to continue our work at Magnolia Atelier designing beautiful accessories for you.
Let’s just not forget who we truly are behind the mask during these challenging times!


All masks are manually crafted in our atelier based on preorder so please take into consideration a delivery time up to 7—10 Days

Lightweight 100% Cotton / Outer Shell. Silk Smooth polyester
The Magnolia Mask is washable up to 40°C / To make this easier for you it comes with a mesh laundry bag.
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