My Story

The story of Magnolia Atelier is a simple one..

I have always wanted to create special accessories, pieces that are uniquely made for their wearer, filled with emotional details, hidden messages and containing the sparkle of the Swarovski crystals
I began by creating scarves, a passion I have inherited from my mother, because I have always been fascinated by their delicacy, by their multiple uses and by the way in which they can store and conjure memories, through touch and smell
As every other thing around us, accessories contain within them the memories of the persons we were when we were wearing them, they can store the emotion of a sincere smile or that of a tear, they remain forever alive in photos and in the memories of the people who admired us wearing them. They can make an outfit, or they can simply break it, if they don’t have the best quality or if they aren’t chosen wisely
During this time I have noticed that, in our country, people think you need to have a certain attitude, some dare or versatility, in order to successfully wear hair accessories. This is not really true. Anyone can wear them. And this is why I wanted to create accessories that are not only beautiful and delicate, but also useful. Making the first step to wear them, maybe because you need them, and then to fall in love with them, with the way they make you feel, with the confidence they are giving you, with your image reflected in the mirror while you are wearing them.. My accessories will convince you

Why do I make bridal accessories?

Because a wedding is certainly a very special moment, maybe not an unique one, but it is a moment of full conscience, of love, of the decision that will change a life. The fact that I can be a part, through my accessories, of a special moment in a woman’s life it is, to me, an honour
I like to believe everyone can wear hair accessories, just as I believe that every one of us can do whatever one wants, if he really wants to, is consistent and is following his dreams, no matter what others might say
This is the belief that made me create Magnolia Atelier, my brand, my atelier, my life

I invite you to be a part of it..

And maybe my accessories will bring you more than a beautiful outfit.. they will bring you inspiration
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