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This story is about a rainbow.. an infinity of color in any moment of our lives.

It started with a simple Scrunchie.. an everlasting useful accessory that I made for myself and brought me joy each time I used it during this isolation. Whoever invented it was a genius and sharing with you my interpretation is such a joy.
I have always created my pieces to serve a purpose rather than something else.. and the way I have envisioned this simple piece is just another way to honor our hair and our strength as women.

Even if we didn’t enjoy the nature in bloom this spring let’s be grateful for whatever we have.

Appreciate the beauty around us.. don’t take it for granted.

Essential Oil. Wild Orange

For me this is the vacation smell.. the Mediterranean smell of oranges gives comfort to my heart knowing we will enjoy even more the things we envisioned to do in the future.

Blue Thread

I have decided to sew all Scrunchies with blue thread, the color of the infinite sky, of freedom and hope, of our intuition and imagination, a reminder that we are all a drop of water in a sea of energy and vibration and how we act and react influence others and ourselves.


Having in mind that sometimes there is beauty and meaning in the simplest of things. Don’t judge by appearance and try to sense and trust everything is true to your heart.

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